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Hetalia Headcanons: What the Countries Smell Like

Italy: Kitchens and herbs and chocolate and faintly of watercolor paint
Germany: Musky smell, like leather and sweat and gunpowder, faintly of dogs
Japan: Water - the ocean and hot springs
America: Burgers and Axe cologne and leather
England: Rain and tea leaves and old books
China: Ink and wood and green tea
Russia: Vodka (not too strong though) and sunflowers and cologne
France: Pastries, roses, red wine and cologne (a bit stronger than the rest of the countries)
Romano: Brick ovens and powerful spices and cologne, sometimes like grass
Spain: Cinnamon and tomatoes and adobe bricks and earthiness
Ukraine: Grass and dirt and sunflowers and warm milk, almost like a baby's smell
Belarus: Vodka (a bit stronger than Russia) and smoke, covered by perfume
Canada: Maple syrup and other sweet things
Cuba: Ocean air and cigars
Austria: Metal and wood and candle wax
Switzerland: Gunpowder and smoke
Liechtenstein: Flowers and fresh cut grass and a little bit of gunpowder
Belgium: Bakeries and fresh bread and chocolate
Rome: Warm kitchens, tomatoes, and the smell of the sidewalk after the rain stops
Prussia: Too much cologne
Hungary: Flowers and laundry soap, with a little bit of gunpowder in there
Denmark: Beer and cologne
Iceland: Beaches and sand, a salty-cold smell
Finland: Crayons and firewood and sweet fruits
Norway: Roasting meat and old metal armor and fires, but also has a sweet sort of smell
Sweden: Rusting metal and hot cocoa and bonfires
Estonia: Metal and old wood and fresh linens
Latvia: Foods and sweets, yummy-smelling things
Poland: New fabric and hair product
Lithuania: Antiseptic solutions and old metal
Greece: Wheat fields and dust, with a sort of warm smell of a hot day
Sealand: Salt water and oil and old factories
Seychelles: The ocean and beaches and flowers and sunny days
Scotland: Musky cologne and cigars and grass
Romania: Smells of cologne, which is covering a faint smell of blood and chemicals
Seborga: Smells faintly of herbs, mostly of the ocean
India: Deep spices and sand and incense
(Made by both najikasun and cocopowder16)
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